Miova for corporate

Uniting cross-functional teams

One of the key drivers of successful corporates is their ability to communicate the company vision in a way that engages staff and ensures all teams are working collaboratively towards the same goal.

Miova helps corporates create range of engaging and measurable communication types, such as:
- Policy Announcements or Updates
- Business Result Updates
- New Starter Introductions
- Company News
- Messages from the CEO
- Event Introductions

Understand team engagement

See what messages are being missed. Miova helps corporates measure and compare team performance across a range of engagement metrics.

Open rates

See how engaged your team is with your messages. Identify which communications are resonating with your employees and which may be getting missed

Feedback surveys

Miova requests team members provide feedback on every emails. This feedback can be used to refine your communication strategies and make necessary improvements.‍

Team level insights

View the results of specific teams within your business to gain a more in-depth understanding of engagement across your business

Always on-brand

Miova enables teams across your business to create and distribute branded emails with ease.

Branded templates

All template components inherit your brand's design and styling. This consistency reinforces your brand image and makes sure every communication only uses your colours and fonts.

Centralised brand assets

Store and manage logos, colour schemes, and fonts to ensure every email is dressed for success.

Team lists made easy

Keeping multiple teams connected across all departments in your business can be challenging. Now, that task just became a little bit easier.

Simple Segmentation

Miova makes it easy to create Team lists to segment your employees. Add or remove team members manually or bulk upload via csv.

It's easy to create new teams or recipient lists without needing IT to create a new "catch-all" recipient address.

Ignite your team’s
engagement today