Fuelling team engagement, from small squads to big corporates

Miova empowers teams of all sizes and industries to effortlessly inform, collaborate, and share ideas to drive business productivity. We help create an environment where innovation, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement thrive.

Say goodbye to silos

One of the biggest challenges all businesses face is how to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams and business units. Fortunately, that's where Miova is here to help!

We make sharing information a breeze, whilst utilising your teams most fluent communication medium - emails. Not only that, our insights dashboard makes it easy to see which teams are engaged, and where extra support may be needed.

From policy updates to pizza shouts

Miova is designed to cater for all your internal communication needs. Whether it's a mission critical announcement, or you're just wrangling the team together for a bit of fun, Miova ensures your email is engaging, always on-brand, and makes viewing open rate insights a breeze.

Safeguard your branding

We appreciate all the hard work that goes into making your brand unique. With Miova, every email sent inherits your business identity through the admin setup of fonts, colours and logos.

Stay on-brand every time and give your design and creative team a break. We use pre-defined blocks so everyone in your business can quickly and easily create marketing quality communications with no code or design experience required.

Ignite your team’s
engagement today