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Project Management

Miova is an essential addition to any Project Manager or Change Manager's tech stack.

Keeping connected

Simple to manage team lists and email scheduling make it easy to ensure key stakeholders are kept updated throughout the project.

Managing resources

Dashboard reporting quickly identifies teams who are not engaged with your updates, enabling you to deploy additional support to those business units.

Staff Engagement

Team level reporting makes it simple to benchmark and track engagement levels between business units.

Benchmark and set goals

Incentivise people leaders to ensure their teams are engaging with company communications and compete for the most engaged team.

Real time insights

Maintain visibility over company wide performance to quickly identify fluctuations in staff engagement at a team or business level.

Celebrate Success

Everyone loves receiving good news. Miova makes it quick and easy to share the great work your team has done with the wider business.

Campaigns to new starters

Shared templates make is simple for your whole company to share wins big and small with the wider organisation.

The gateway to more

Include images and links to additional material or platforms where your team can engage further with your announcement.

Company Communications

Ensure your important announcements get seen, not just lost in inboxes.

Auditing support

Maintain visibility that the wider business has engaged with key announcements such as policy updates or security requirements.

Fast delivery

All Miova emails are tailored to your brand fonts and colours, removing the requirement for designer involvement.

Investor Relations

Share important updates and announcements with your investor community that reflect your branding.

Reach everyone

Our enterprise plan enables communication beyond just your company domain. Miova makes it simple to manage and communicate with your investor community.

Evaluate and learn

Open rate and recipient feedback reporting provides  oversight on what messaging and communication styles are resonating with your investors and what are not.

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