Miova for change management

Empower change in your business

Transformation projects are complex and require the whole company to be onboard. Miova helps teams keep on top of messaging and updates as well as providing invaluable engagement insights.

Messages that engage

Make every email stand out, no developers or designers required!

Always on brand

All template components inherit your brand's design and style guidelines. This consistency reinforces your brand image and makes sure every communication includes your colours and fonts.

Code free building

Drag and drop components mean anyone can craft beautiful emails in minutes. Simply click to edit and upload imagery.

Monitoring performance

Open rates

See who's opening your communications and who isn't, helping you better plan resources to support and cater to various teams.

Feedback surveys

Miova requests team members provide feedback on every emails. This feedback can be used to refine your communication strategies and make necessary improvements.

Team level insights

View the results of specific teams within your business to gain a more in-depth understanding of engagement across your business.
Internal communication is the backbone of success. Miova not only simplifies the management of team lists but also ensures that every email aligns with the company's brand. We empower communication teams with essential performance metrics to measure and improve the effectiveness of their communication strategies.

By leveraging these benefits your businesses can enhance employee engagement, maintain brand consistency, and ultimately drive success in a highly competitive market.

Ignite your team’s
engagement today