Discover the simplicity of Miova

Building emails  couldn't be easier!

1. Select template

Choose from any of your previously created email template layouts.

2. Enter content

Enter your headlines, imagery and CTA links. Don't worry if you need to add more components to your template, you can add or rearrange your email freely within the editor.

3. Configure and send

Select your recipient list, enter subject line and schedule when you want your email to send.

Select your template

To get started creating your email, simply choose your starting template.

Team templates

Streamline your creative process by saving pre-built layouts for your communications. Don't worry if you want to make changes to the layout, you can add or remove sections at the next step.

Clone a previous email

If you prefer to start from previous email you sent, simply select the Emails tab and "clone" to begin your new email.

Enter your content

It's time to get creative! Select your area to get started bringing your email to life.

Pre-built components

Our email blocks not only look great, but are tested and optimised for engaging your audience. No need for HTML coding or complex email building solutions.


Simply drag to reorder or add the component blocks that make up your email. Building your email layout has never been easier!

Configure and send

You're nearly ready to go!

Input settings

Set the name, category, subject line, and preview copy for your email.

Set recipients and send time

Select the teams you would like to receive your email from the dropdown. You also have the option to send immediately or schedule to send at a later date & time.

View your results

Now for the fun part! Measure and report on the performance of your email.

Easy filtering

Configure your dashboard to present results within a fixed time period, or narrow in on a specific creator or email.

Never stop learning

Gather useful insights to improve your future internal communication emails by understanding performance by email category and within specific teams.

Drag & Drop design

Our team have done the hard work for you to compile a collection of the top performing email component blocks. All you have to do is order them to bring your message to life.

Built for any device

All components feature responsive design to ensure they look their best across your teams devices.

Never boring

Push the boundaries of your teams creativity. Upload images and gifs with ease.

Always on-brand

Capture your team's attention with beautifully styled emails without the need for marketing or design teams.

Centralised branding

Control the colours, logos and fonts that display across all email components for a consistent look and feel every time.

Ignite your team’s
engagement today